Here are my fantastic team.

Tessa Baker

Tests of gravity, gravitational wave cosmology, large-scale structure, LIGO, LISA, Rubin.

Charles Dalang

Postdoctoral Researcher
Modified gravity, dark energy, gravitational waves, large scale structure, gravitational lensing, general relativity.

Bartolomeo Fiorini

Postdoctoral Researcher
Simulations of large-scale structure, modified gravity, dark matter haloes, mock galaxy catalogues

Konstantin Leyde

Postdoctoral Researcher
Gravitational waves, cosmology, modified gravity, simulation-based inference.

Ashim Sen Gupta

PhD student
Large-scale structure beyond LCDM, COLA codes, model-independent MG

Anson Chen

PhD student
Gravitational waves, modified gravity, LISA.

Stefano Zazzera

PhD student
Gravitational wave cross-correlations, relativistic effects in surveys

Elena Colangeli

PhD student
Gravitational wave cosmology, dark sirens, tests of GR.

Former Group Members

Bill Wright

Modified gravity, massive neutrinos, COLA simulations.
Now in the green energy industry.

Rachel Gray

Statistical GW sirens with galaxy catatlogues, GW measurements of H0.
Now lecturer at the University of Glasgow.