Tessa Baker

Professor of Cosmology at the the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth.

Welcome to my homepage. I'm a physicist who works primarily on gravity and the complex role it plays in shaping our universe. I study topics such as dark energy and modified gravity, gravitational waves, galaxy surveys and the large-scale structure of the cosmos.

My work is supported by a fellowship grant from the Royal Society and an ERC Starting Grant, with project title SHADE.

You can find out more about my work using the links below.

PS: A few pages on this site are loading a bit slowly at the moment. They're not blank, just give it a few seconds. A fix is on my to-do list...


Click here to find out more about my scientific interests.


The SHADE project, funded by the European Research Council.


The Hi-COLA code, a new simulation suite for testing cosmological gravity.


Meet my lovely research group at the ICG.


You can find out some details of my track record here.


A little running log of brief life/work updates.

Links & Things

Some science material for download, and a few other things I like.