Shedding light on the dark universe with gravitational waves

SHADE is a project to develop the future techniques of gravitational wave cosmology. It uses the incredible new data from gravitational wave events to tackle a long-standing, central problem in cosmology: the nature of dark energy.
The SHADE team are laying the foundations of a powerful technique called "Dark Sirens", which ensures maximum scientific return from gravitational wave detections. Gravitational wave astronomy is still in its fairly early days -- as of 2022 less than a hundred gravitational wave events have been detected. However, the techniques developed in the SHADE project will become hugely powerful as the number of detections rises to thousands over the next decade.

SHADE is funded by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council, commencing in February 2021 and running for five years in the first instance. The PI is Dr. Tessa Baker at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The official entry of SHADE on the Cordis registry can be found here.

More info on SHADE coming soon...